Me and my best friends in the SPA

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Me and my best friends in the SPA

Its a cold autumn day and I was bored so I invited my friends Carl and Divine over for a movie and pizza.

When they arrived I invited them in and asked them what would they like to do? Carl said eat and Divine being the horny /bitch/">bitch she is asked if we could go skinny dipping in my new spa. We all agreed and hopped in. While we were in there I could feel this the wwwxxx hand going up my leg, up and up ever so sensually.

I realised it was Divine. I then placed my hand on top of Carl's cock. He jumped at 1st the started to wiggle around a bit. I felt him getting harder and harder, and Divine was now fingering my pussy and I was getting so wet and it felt good. Then I put my hands around Carl's 9'inch cock and started wanking him. 

I was getting close having an amazing orgasm as Divine feversly fingered my pussy, i started shaking then BOOM! I came in a massive orgasm. And seeing me cum made Carl cum all over my hands i pulled my hands out of the water and licked what cum was on them. He tasted sooooooo good. After we had cum, Divine ordered Carl to lick her out. Not being able to do it under water we all got out and grabbed a blanket and Devine lied down while Carl dived for her /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt! While he was flicking his tounge in out out of her dripping /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt, wwwxxx i started sucking her nipples and I was getting edgy too. And the Divine started shaking wildly, and them came in one /orgasm/big-orgasm/">big orgasm!

Then when Carl was done licking all the cum off her, i turned him around and straddled him. I started rocking back and forth while at the same time rubbing Divine rock /tits/hard-tits/">hard tits. I started rocking back and forth faster and faster OH GOD he felt good! I rocked faster and faster he grabbed onto my ass and and rolled me over and pumped harder and harder and harder and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he came inside me like a bullet! Then I came, ur cum mixing together! Divine went down on Carl and licked his cock until it no longer had our cum on it.

Then Carl licked our cum off my dripping cunt. Once we had all cum about 5 more times we went inside and had pizza and watched a porn movie. After that we went into the bed room and copied some of the moves. After all I had the /toys/">toys. But thats another story!