Unleashing the Fire of a Widow without Sex for 7 years

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Unleashing the Fire of a Widow without Sex for 7 years

I went Chengdu for a business /trip/">trip. One of my student's mum, a china lady (also a widow - i shall name her Ms Y) also happened to be back in Chengdu during the school vacation. We met in chengdu and had dinners, chats, get to know more friends. After two days, i needed to visit chongqing and to my /surprise/">surprise, Ms Y offered to be my guide (actually she was very keen to travel). I was happy to have a companion and she was a great one. We went separate ways during the day and had dinner at night in the hotel. After dinner, we chatted at my room. Suddenly she made a request to me to sleep in my room as she is uncomfortable to sleep alone. i was rather astonished and queried why. she explained that she became a widow when she lost her hubbie who died in a worksite accident. her /daughter/">daughter was then age 4 and now age 11. since then she had fears sleeping alone and was always sleeping with her daughter. she actually appealed to me to allow her to sleep in my room (secretly why would i object). I reluctantly agreed and she was very grateful.

after an hour of chatting, we prepared to sleep and we just moved into each side of the bed. she turned off the light and had to moved over me to get to the other side of the bed. in total darkness, she brushed me bodily and i could feel the warmth and she could feel my semi-hard pole being already aroused secretly due to revealing night gown which offered me full view of her nice breasts without bra when we chatted for an hour earlier.

she rested on my left side and surprising she positioned herself quite close to my body with hardly an arm distance apart. she kept moving her legs and body constantly which seemed like a woman who is desperate to be "touched".

i was uncertain but definitely disturbed and became more aroused. i was very hesitant whether to make any move lest to be rejected. i deliberately waited for another 5 minutes. she was semi asleep and despite the darkness, i could sense she was caressing her own breasts thru the silky nite gown. i had earlier seen the full blow breasts thru the huge opening of the gown at the armpit position. while chatting my eyes were fully locked on to the sides of her breasts which was nicely and shapely protruding. the contours were just attractively appealing to gentle touches. i had endured painstaking and suppressed my sexual desires earlier.

my patience was damned correctly. by now she was in self-arousal i think. i geared up my courage and purposedly moved my arms near the sides of the body. soon, i full hd xvideo download tilted my back towards her and pretended to be half asleep and rested my back on her side of body. i gently moved her body around and hugged my back like as if it was a bolster. her firm breasts had kind of became soft and the softness touches with with such sexual arousal that my dick hardened instantly. unsure if she was then really asleeped or she was conscious of what she was doing, i turned free porn movies download to face her and hugged her face to face. my hardrock dick is now in full contact of her thighs. our thighs responded mutually and now my erected pole is in the right position.

i lowered my head to position my tongue to her breast which had been my long yearned target for the night. i removed the top and swiftly sucked the erected nipples. i can sense she was trying very hard to control her moans but definitely there was great fire in this widow. i am now sure if she had any sex in the last 7 years as a widow but i was determined to have her for the night.

i physically pushed her head downwards which she obliged. she seemed unsure or inexperience of blowjob. i whispered to her to just lick the balls gently. she oblighed and soon i moved my super /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick into her mouth and sleepily or semi-consciously she took it into her small mouth. i could have exploded in her mouth but thot i should not scare her when i became dead sure its her first blowjob.

i then move atop of her and started to undress her totally. suddenly she became fully conscious and acted with great embarrassment. she actually used her hands to cover her eyes. i started to enter her and to my surprised she resisted gently. as i rub my dick to lubricate the outer lips of her vagina, she kind of got frightened and started to say no and pushed my body away feebly. i purposely weigh my 110 kg body down and rested on her body. my dick is now in between her inner thighs.

she now struggled harder and tried to pull her panties up to avoid my penetration. i whispered to her to relax and let me go in. she weakly said no no she cannot do it. with all systems go (i mean my /erection/">erection) i was not prepared to this widow go without sexual satisfaction. i forcefully pulled her panties down and actually tored it. she resisted and resisted.

i moved my dick back to her vagina and continued to rub and rub and rub. i lubricated her so much until her resistance subsided and the verbal objection was soon unhearable. i knew what i wanted to. i wanted to light the fire up. when the time was riped, i swiftly penetrated and without giving her any chance to talk or responded i commenced the in and out movements. despite the well lubricated vagina walls, i can feel tightness of her vagina. i cock simply hardened and expanded in the /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. after about 3 mins, she started to clenched her fists on back of my shoulders. i knew at once i have conquered her sexually.

there was total silence... she was controlling her moans and silence to enjoy it but i knew she didnt want to show that she wanted sex. i didnt the precious moment to slip. so i regulated the pace, then gradually hastened the pumping. i enjoyed every second of the in out exercise and suddenly remembered to return to the beautiful breasts. i licked the right nipples sharply with only the tip of my tongue. it really sent her to heaven and she finally moaned and moaned. once she started moaning orally i changed my tip-licking to mouth sucking of the left nipples. she now started to respond actively with bodily movement and kept pushing her breasts towards my mouth. i suck the right nipple very sexually. the fucking also got more intensed. she now takes control of the fucking and moved her vagina up and down my cock with alot of initiative.

i endured until she reached organsm and within a few seconds and exploded inside her. after my /ejaculation/">ejaculation, i continue to keep my dick into the tight hole. she was visibly and really sexually satisfied. i whisper to her that she should let go herself and reminded that she is a woman, a woman needs to be loved and also need love making and sex and as adults it is very normal.

she behaved like child by putting her both palms to close her eyes.
i touched her breasts and lick her nipples again. she didnt object and also kept her eyes closed. she enjoyed a last part of sucking and as i felt very exhausted i dont know when and how i just fell asleep naked with her.

we awake next morning together, she quickly wrapped the towels and rushed to the toilet to take a shower. after shower she pretended nothing has happened. we did our own things in the day.

i was very very glad that i rejuvenated the fire of a widow who had obviously abstained from sex for 7 years . . . so poor thing.

guess what happened the next night ??