Heavenly Cherries

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Heavenly Cherries

After last period gym class we girls all piled into the locker room and started to peel off our sweat soaked clothes. The air positively reeked of sweat. Shortly almost everybody was underdressed and then the air took on an added aroma, the scent of musky pussys. The showers started running. For a second I was actually alone, with nobody next to me.

Then Allyson Crane came up and turned on the shower next to me and stepped back to let it warm up. She was a /new/new-girl/">new girl in our school and was a total blond beauty. She had gorgeous blue eyes and long hair that she wore so that it cascaded over her incredible boobs. I was like most of the other girls, completely jealous of her. We didn?t exactly hate her, but we were totally green with envy and although none of us had ever seen her out on a date or even talking to the guys at school, we knew as good as she looked; she could steal our boyfriends with no trouble. We weren?t mean to her, xxx sex video download free com but we also didn?t go out of our way to talk to her.

As she waited for her shower, I let my eyes run over her body. Her long legs ended at a beautiful shaved pussy with the biggest and sweetest floppy lips I have ever seen. Going up, she had a flat tummy and an /adorable/">adorable belly button. Her tits were smooth, perfect shaped globes that matched her tan. Her nipples were perky pretty red little cherries that cutely pointed up. No sir, no tan lines for this girl!!! Even her neck looked good as it led up to her beautiful face. As she stepped into the shower I caught the incredible aroma of cherries. Damn, her sweat even smelled good!

I had to say something, so I said, ?How do you manage to smell that great after a workout??

I think she was shocked that I actually said something to her, but she replied, ?Oh. It?s really nothing, just a little body spray, if you would like to try it after our shower, I?ve got plenty.?

Damn, she was even as nice as she is beautiful. I said, ?Well thank you, that is so nice, I would love to try it!!?

As we showered, I confess my eyes kept wandering over her body as she ran her hands all over her body. When she reached those /pussy/sweet-pussy/sweet-pussy-lips/">sweet pussy lips with her soapy hand and started caressing them, I started to feel something in my own pussy. It was like she was rubbing mine. Then as she reached up and rubbed her firm melons, I swear I could feel it in my own. As I continued my washing I realized that this girl was making me totally hot and horny. I have never been turned on by other girls, but Allyson Crane was certainly turning me on now!!!!

We finished our showers and went to our lockers to dry off. I was almost finished when beautiful Allyson came over with something in her hand.

She smiled sweetly and said, ?Jill, here is the spray as promised?.

I took it and used it, and then I said now I smell as terrific as you, now if only I looked as good?.

She said, ?Honey, why would you think there is anything wrong with the way you look, I think you are absolutely lovely?.

I stuttered and stammered, ?Well that is nice, but it?s not true, you are gorgeous!?

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, ?I was checking you out while you were checking me over; I loved looking at what I saw?.

I could feel my face begin to turn red. I quickly looked around to make sure that none of the other girls were close enough to hear our conversation and replied, ?Guilty?.

She placed her hand on my naked shoulder and said,?Would you like to get together after school and do something??

I wasn?t sure what she meant by ?do something?, but the way my twat was feeling at that moment, I really hoped it was something that involved being naked like we were then.

?Sure?, I replied even though I wasn?t completely sure. It was one thing to get a little horny looking at another girl but it was way different to actually do something about it!

?Great? Allyson Beamed. ?Let?s meet out front in about twenty minutes?.

I agreed and went back to my dressing. My thoughts were wild. On one hand I found Allyson terribly attractive, but I had never even kissed another girl let alone been naked alone with one. As I thought about it more I came to realize that I was kind of interested in seeing what it would be like. I was pulling on my panties when I noticed that I was totally wet!!! I quickly looked around to see if anyone else noticed. To my relief everyone was looking in other directions. I guess I was the only girl in the locker room checking out other girl?s pussys and making dates to boot! I put my thoughts away for the time being and finished dressing and hurried out to meet Allyson.

She was waiting when I got there. She was wearing jeans that fit so well they looked like they were painted on her beautiful body. She was facing away from me so she didn?t notice me coming up. I stood there for a second admiring her beautiful shapely ass. I guess she must have felt me staring at her and she turned around and smiled at me. She walked over and said, ?Like what you see??

I had a little trouble finding my voice, I guess because of my nervousness and doubts, so I kind of croaked, ?Very much?.

Allyson?s smile beamed even brighter and replied, ?I?m so glad you do, I really like what I am seeing too?.

We walked off together toward the parking lot and we arrived at her car first. She asked, ?Want to ride together or follow me??

I was so afraid that I would chicken out if I had any more time to think about what I think we were going to go do, so I said ?let?s ride together?

?Okay? she said and she unlocked the door for me sexxxx video ful hd and we got in.

Off we went toward her house and a million thoughts were running through my mind. This was a totally new thing for me. I knew that I was /cute/">cute and I had always had a boyfriend (sometimes more than one). I was certainly no virgin and I loved fucking. The thought of maybe (after all I didn?t know for sure that we were heading for a girl-girl fuck session) having sex with a girl was turning me on, but at the same time it was scaring the hell out of me. I was also shocked that Allyson might be a lesbo. I know it was silly, but she was so beautiful that she could have a line of guys if she wanted them, but maybe she didn?t want them.

It was like she was reading my mind. ?Are you nervous, you seem nervous? she asked.

I stammered, ?Well yeah, I guess I am and I am shocked that you are into girls.?

?Actually, I am into both?, replied Allyson. ?You know, we don?t have to do anything if you don?t want too, we can be friends if you would rather? she said.

There it was! I was faced with making a decision! I shocked myself by saying, ?No I think I want to but??

?But what?, She asked.

?Well, I don?t really know what to do, I mean, uh, um?, I said.

She smiled and put her hand on mine and said, ?We?ll figure something out, if you are really sure?.

The touch of her hand on mine was almost like electricity! I knew then that I was going to be making love to this incredible beauty and I was going to love it!

I wanted to ask, but I was afraid of, oh I don?t know, well here goes. ?How did you get into girls?? I asked as we drove along toward her house.

?Well?, she replied, ?it was kind of my mother?.

I didn?t mean to, but I gasped out loud. Then she said, ?Oh I mean my step-mother, not my real mother?.

She went on to tell me about how her natural mother died when she was just a little kid. Her father married Stephanie, when she was about 13. She was at the age where she was getting curious about sex and Stephanie took on the job of explaining the facts of life to her.

She told her everything a woman needed to know and did a much better job of it than her father ever could. Stephanie even taught her how to masturbate, by showing her on herself.

They both got undressed and Stephanie placed Allyson?s hands on the parts that naturally felt good to touch and caress. Soon, Stephanie began demonstrating the womanly art of fingering a pussy. Allyson watched her step-mother fingering herself to a climax, and soon she began doing it to herself. While she was pleasuring her pussy, Stephanie stopped working on her pussy and leaned over and began sucking on Allyson?s nipples which helped her quickly reach a fantastic orgasm. Stephanie took her into her arms and held her while she recovered from her first cum, stroking her hair and giving her little kisses.

After a while, when Allyson calmed back down, Stephanie started back in on her own pussy. Well Allyson leaned in and began caressing and sucking her step-mothers breasts just as she had done for her. Soon Stephanie reached up and took Allyson?s hand and moved it to her juicy pussy, so she could take over for her while she licked her juices off her fingers. Allyson loved the feel of Stephanie?s /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. After a few minutes Stephanie encouraged Allyson to taste her pussy juice. At first she thought the idea was disgusting, but eager to learn, she tentatively brought her hand up to her mouth and tasted her step-mother. She discovered that she loved the taste.

Stephanie then said, ?Let me show you something?.

She moved over and began licking and sucking Allyson?s pussy. In just minutes she had her second orgasm, thanks to Stephanie?s excellent tongue skills. Stephanie then encouraged Allyson to try eating her. By now Allyson was really into this and quickly she had her mouth on her step-mom?s pussy. She really loved the /sweet/">sweet taste of her /pussy/mature-pussy/">mature pussy. She soon came upon Stephanie?s clit which was very very, engorged and throbbing. Allyson stopped her licking and asked what it was. Stephanie explained that it was called a clit and that every woman had one. She begged her to suck it in to her mouth. Allyson did and minutes later her step-mother erupted in a /orgasm/huge-orgasm/">huge orgasm, coating Allyson?s face with her sticky /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy juice.

They continued on loving each other for a while that afternoon until they were both satisfied and exhausted.

Afterward, Stephanie explained what lesbians were and what it meant to be bi-sexual. She made it clear that there was nothing wrong with two women enjoying each other. She also told her the usual stuff about sex with guys, pregnancy, diseases, etc. Allyson asked her the obvious question was Stephanie a lesbian. Stephanie told her that she was bi and loved sex with men and especially with her father, but still she loved having a women every once an a while. She even told her that Kim, her /girlfriend/best-girlfriend/">best girlfriend and she are occasional lovers.

Allyson was quiet for a while and then she asked Stephanie if they could be lovers sometimes too? Stephanie beamed a smile and said absolutely, she had hoped Allyson would want to. At the same time she encouraged Allyson to do it with other girls if she found someone she was attracted to and who she could trust to be discreet.

By this time we were in Allyson?s driveway. I asked if she had been with a lot of other girls. She said other than her step-mother no, I would be her first. I was quiet for a second, a little shocked by the story and still horny as hell. Then I said, ?What a neat step-mother?. Then I said, ?Will you teach me how?? Stephanie leaned over and kissed me deeply and sweetly right on my lips and replied that she would love to!

We kissed in the car for a few minutes. We never even considered that someone might catch us. I can?t speak for Allyson, but I was getting hotter by the second. Finally we quit, got out of the car and went into the house.

We barely got in the door before Allyson took me in her arms and we began kissing again. The feel of our breasts touching was heavenly. As I moved my rock /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples around Allyson?s I could almost feel little shocks of electricity flow between us. She moved from my lips to my neck and at the same time began unbuttoning my top. When she got it undone and my bar unclipped, she began caressing my tits as she kissed, licked and sucked my neck. Slowly moving down, she got to my nipple, which she sucked into her mouth. I could feel my soaked pussy dripping as she sucked. I fumbled around until I could get my hands on her buttons and began to free her lovely tits. As Allyson alternated from nipple to nipple I worked to get my hands on those magnificent boobs. Finally I had them free and my hands roamed over every inch of them. I caressed, squeezed and gently twisted her pretty perky nipples. She began running her hot wet tongue over every inch of mine I shuddered in pleasure. Never in my life have I felt anything so wonderful.

We necked in her entry way for a while, finally she said, ?Let?s move upstairs, shall we??

I certainly wasn?t going to object. We walked hand in hand up the stairs to her room. Inside it, she kissed me again, long and hotly. My blouse and bra were still hanging loosely on me; she lovingly removed them and eased me down on to her bed. Ally kissed my face all over and at the same time she tenderly caressed and rubbed my breasts and rubbing my nipples. One more kiss on the lips and she moved down to my neck with more tongue and kisses. I was lost to the world, softly moaning with the pleasure of it. She moved down a little lower and ran her tongue over my shoulder blades. Finally she reached my tits and feasted on them. She lifted up one and ran her tongue along the crease between the orb and my chest several times, tasting the sweet sweat we were generating together.

At Long last she took my nipple into her mouth and sucked hungrily. Having this girl suck on my tits was the most incredible thing I have ever felt in my life. Ally must have heard my moans of pleasure and sucked and licked at my nips even harder, while she moved her hands down to the button on my jeans. Getting them open she tried pulling them down, I lifted my ass up to help.

She had to stop working on my tits while she arose to pull them all they way off. She got them, panties and all off. Being down at the foot of the bed anyway she took the opportunity to kiss and lick her way up and down my legs. I honestly thought I would explode any moment from the incredible and /sensual/">sensual stimulation she was giving my body. My hand involuntarily went down to my pussy and I began rubbing while she licked and kissed my thighs. Allyson was using her tongue to explore my pubs, not quite touching my pussy yet. I continued to caress my burning twat.

She moved my hand away and said, ?That?s my job, why don?t you taste some of the honey I am about to lick up.? I brought my hand to my mouth and tasted. I could easily see how you could become addicted to this stuff, I tasted great.

The second Allyson?s tongue hit my pussy, I came. Her mouth never stopped working on me all through my cum. She lapped and licked /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy all over making sweet little noises like Mmmmm with every lick. I guess she liked my taste too! Using her hand, she exposed my clit and took it between her lips, at the same time she licked at it with her very talented tongue. It only took a few seconds before I shot out another load of hot juice. She continued licking and savored every drop. After she finished cleaning up my pussy, she lifted her head up, took a deep breath and started kissing her way back up. When she reached the top, I turned and kissed her deeply as she put her arms around me.

I said, ?Oh God, thank you, that was the most fabulous sex I have ever had, I guess your step-mother knows her stuff!!!?

We both laughed at my little joke and I asked, ?Do I get a chance to practice what I?ve learned??

?Oh God yes, but please?Let me rest for a bit?, she replied.

I knew she must be exhausted, I felt kinda like a limp dish rag myself. We laid together, in each others arms for a while, recovering. Occasionally we kissed, but mostly we just rested. So it will be my turn and I was going over in my mind all of the places on this magnificent girl I wanted to taste.